IoT Project

Project topic was to create data aggregating device with the infrastructure to store, handle and visualize gathered information. One of major goals was that the final product had to look professional and we think we accomplished that goal. The amount of new skills everyone has learned on this project is massive.
This project was accomplished in cooperation with Aalto University and Tuxera Oy.

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For the device we had to figure out what kind of data we want to gather and what components are we going to use for that. Reasoning for selected components was that they had to be recent, high quality, compatible and SMD for professional quality product. Final choices for major components were sensors: Bosch BMI055, Bosch BME280, Broadcom APDS-9960 and Bluetooth 5 module: Rigado BMD-340. PCB design was done with open source software KiCad and boards were assembled at the workshop. Protective cases were also 3D-printed at the workshop with the design being done using Blender.


The firmware was developed using GCC and Eclipse IDE. Nordic Software Development Kit v15.0.0 and their many APIs (softdevice s140 for Bluetooth, peripherals, cryptography etc.) were supportively utilized for low energy bluetooth module of nrf52840 microcontroller. Data transfer between the Nordic chip and the sensors was done by I2C communication protocol and the corresponding sensor APIs by Bosch and Adafruit. The firmware was built and tested during prototyping on the nRF52840 Development Kit and programmed to the custom board via SWD debugging interface.


Our portable web client is capable of visualizing gathered data on various devices, almost anywhere in the world. Simple APIs and a drag-and-drop interface allow easy customization, and access to the data you want to see. What’s more, the client includes plug-and-play user authentication APIs, allowing for fine control over who can access and what. In the ever more interconnected world, one can never be sure who’s watching. Our pipeline comes with end-to-end encryption and per-device authentication – your data will remain safe in transit.


Bluetooth 5

We use Rigado BMD-340 module for Bluetooth 5 and its advanced features for maximum range, efficiency and reliability.


Inertial measurement unit for getting acceleration and orientation data with ultra-small footprint.


Integrated environmental sensor with capability to measure temperature, pressure and relative humidity. Features low power consumption and compact footprint.


Digital light sensor which can sense color, ambient light, gesture and proximity.


Energy saving mode for long lasting battery life.


Simple yet powerful visualization client to examine your data in real time.


Who did this?

Veli-Matti Rantanen

Project manager

Alexey Ganzhinov

Hardware design
Case design
Web design

Thao Ngyen


Teemu Vierros

Sensor implementation

Final Report